Introductory Course of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation according to the Comparison of Actions

The course design is for introducing participants in Neurocognitive Rehabilitation according to the Comparison of Actions, providing an updated vision of the basic concepts of Neurocognitive Theory (TNC).

Through this course, the student will be able to make a first observation and interpretation of pathological behavior by neurological patients from a systemic point of view. They will identify problems and formulate appropriate Neurocognitive Rehabilitation hypotheses. They will also be able to propose initial basic neurocognitive exercises, consistent with the hypotheses.

The course has a maximum of 50 participants. ECM credits are provided for the following professionals: physical therapists, speech-language pathologist, doctors, neuropsychomotor therapists in developmental age, occupational therapists, and doctors in rehabilitation sciences.

The course, led by a Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Expert or Teacher, takes place over 17 hours, and includes both theoretical lectures and practical activities among the participants.

Course Program