External courses authorized by the Centro Studi di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva “Villa Miari”

The Centro Studi di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva di “Villa Miari” certifies the quality and proper training of courses performed outside the Centro Studi. These courses are taught by Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Teachers qualified by the Scuola Internazionale di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva “Carlo Perfetti” (International School of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation).

The Centro Studi, through its registered trademark, certifies the validity of the aforementioned courses in the area of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation. The registered trademark of the Centro Studi, placed on participant’s certificates, assures that the course, in terms of quality and content, is equivalent to the courses held at Centro Studi di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva “Villa Miari”.

Currently authorized courses available for enrollment are:

Webinar for Iranian terapists and students: October 1- 15 –22, 2021 – from 6 to 9 PM
Teacher: dr Fortunata Romeo, dr Daniele De Patre


Other collaborations are due to continue once the international health situation allows it to.

To request an external authorized course at your institution, please write to segreteria@riabilitazioneneurocognitiva.it , at least one month before.