Monographic Courses of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation

Monographic courses explore Neurocognitive Theory (TNC) topics in-depth. These courses are aimed at rehabilitators finished with the initial education process.

These courses circumscribe, deepen and update student knowledge on a particular pathology or neurocognitive instrument, as well as on the conduct of Neurocognitive Reasoning (see Neurocognitive Rehabilitative Records).

Through the monographic courses, the student will:

  • Observe and interpret specific pathological behavior related to specific pathology, and also process patient Profiles, choice of Action to be Modified, and choice of theme or exercise.
  • Learn new tools for exercises to change the patient’s actions.
  • Gain expertise in Neurocognitive Reasoning that underlies the entire rehabilitation process on the topic addressed.
  • Be able to integrate a particular aspect of Neurocognitive Reasoning into therapeutic procedures.

The monographic courses are taught by Neurocognitive Rehabilitators Teachers qualified at the Scuola Internationale and with experience in the topic.


At the moment there are no new monographic courses scheduled.

Some courses already concluded: