Scuola Internazionale di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva “Carlo Perfetti”

The specialization prepares bachelor students over three years to become Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Experts and to achieve, after two additional years, the title of Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Teacher.

At the end of the courses, certificates of Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Expert (three-year course) and Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Teacher (plus a two-year specialization) will be issued.*

Rehabilitator names will be posted at the International Registry page on this website.

All lessons are in Italian language.

General info Scuola Internazionale 2021/22
Regulations of Scuola Internazionale

In the 2021/2022 school year, classes are scheduled for the 1st year of the TRIENNIUM (Expert course) and 1st year of the BIENNIUM (Teaching course).

The subsequent sections of studies in Expert course will begin in the 2024/2025 school year.

It is possible to start it at any stage of development, after evaluation of the curriculum vitae.  Send it to:

Annual tuition: EUR 2082,50 + IVA (done into 2 payments)
1st payment deadline: 09/30/2021, € 1041,00 + 22% VAT
2nd payment deadline: 31/12/2021, € 1.041,00 + 22% VAT

You may attend individually modules to outside participants (of the three-year expert course) who are interested in the specific subjects.
If defined with secretary, the external participants can follow the courses by digital platform Zoom/GoogleMeet.

The cost of attending an individual module is EUR 246,50 + 22% VAT = EUR 300,73

To know more about Information and registration:


November 2018 – Official issuance of the first certificates for Neurocognitive Experts and Teachers:

The complete video is on our YouTube Channel.

*We emphasize that our School has not academic value