Centro Studi di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva's history

The Centro Studi di Reabilitazione Neurocognitiva (CS) was founded in 2001 by the will and merits of Prof. Dr. Carlo Perfetti, crowning his decades-long commitment to study and research in the rehabilitation field. This has led him over the years to propose a new rehabilitation theory, the Neurocognitive Theory (TNC).

The TNC has revolutionized not only the meaning of rehabilitation, proposing it as a science of recovery, but above all, the manner in which the rehabilitator observes and interprets movement, body and pathology.

For Prof. Perfetti, the Centro Studi should represent a reference point for all rehabilitators who intend to study and deepen their knowledge in the field of the TNC.

The implementation of this rehabilitation project was made possible by the combination of study, research and clinical activity, with an agreement between two public entities: the ULSS 4 “Alto Vicentino” (currently known as AULSS 7 “Pedemontana”) and the Comune di Santorso (County of Santorso), in the structure of “Villa Miari”.


This ancient residence, immersed in a magnificent park on the slopes of Monte Summano, has been identified as the ideal location for the Centro Studi, where rehabilitators and patients operate with common purpose, linked to knowledge development and the recovery of advanced motor behavior.

The Centro Studi is a public rehabilitation health facility. It includes an operating unit with ten beds dedicated to patients with injuries in the central, peripheral nervous system and neuropathic pain. At present, eight Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Experts work at the Centro Studi, including two Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Teachers.


Consistent study, research and education, the three souls of the Centro Studi, draw inspiration from the clinical sector, an indispensable source of rehabilitation needs. This makes quality recovery increasingly possible, putting forward new hypotheses as well as new exercise proposals. Each hospitalized patient receives three hours of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation treatment per day.

In addition to clinical rehabilitation, study and research, since its creation the Centro Studi offers education including internships for university students in Physical Therapy. Additionally, since 2015, the Centro Studi has become the home of the Scuola Internazionale di Riabilitazione Neurocognitiva Carlo Perfetti – the International School – where the learner acquires the title of “Neurocognitive Rehabilitator Expert” with a three-year course and of “Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Teacher” with an additional two-year course.


The Centro Studi is therefore a clinical, research and educational facility. It is an unique institution in Italy and abroad, well-recognized throughout the healthcare, scientific and rehabilitation world.

The Centro Studi promotes continuous educational courses at various levels, study retreats for rehabilitator experts and annually organizes an international congress in order to share and update neurocognitive rehabilitation knowledge.

The Centro Studi offers free internships to all professionals, and to both rehabilitators and non-rehabilitators wishing to have a deeper comprehension of Neurocognitive Theory.  In addition, understanding how apparently abstracts concepts in rehabilitation practice become concrete, such as the Mind-body Relationship, Knowledge, Perception (construction of information), Cognitive Processes, Intentionality, Awareness, Image and Comparison of Actions.