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1st reprint of the first poems book by Fiorenzo Bortolotti
(only in italian language)

Rehabilitation reflections by Luigi Borgo, Victor Arguelles, Carlo Perfetti.

(first edition: October 2011) – ISBN: 9788894476002

… Fiorenzo was not a poet, that is, he did not write poems and perhaps he did not even read them, if it is true that, as we know, there are no “high” literary echoes in his production from which it is possible to trace belonging and affinities: post factum , however, Fiorenzo writes poems and becomes a poet. As the formation of a star leads the astrophysicist to inductively question the birth of the universe, the case of Fiorenzo is interesting not only for the specificity of his poems, but for what it reveals to us about the beginnings of poetry itself, when men do not they were poets but, then, they became, coming to powerfully mark our civilization, born from poetry and formed on it and – so at least for us – still alive today in its many variations, despite everything …
(from the presentation by L. Borgo)